Get Some Air

So true. Burns calories like a mofo too, – I junp when I need the last purifying sweat punch.

Easton Gym Co. & Mojostrong

Get Some Air

Jump roping isn’t for everyone but then again it isn’t that hard to learn either. Jump rope is a children’s favorite past time and is also a great way to warm up or work out. The piece of thick string you are holding in your hand has more benefits then you think. Take in these steps and see why jump roping all the time has its benefits.

You can take a jump rope basically anywhere. It is mobile, easily compact able, and convenient. If you are going on a business trip or a little weekend getaway, why not pack a jump rope? You won’t be sorry when you are burning up all those calories. Jump roping for an hour burns anywhere up to 1200 calories. You can jump rope indoors, outdoors, at the gym, basically anywhere.

Along with burning a lot of calories, jump roping helps with your balance and…

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