Marriage And The Art Of Conversation

Good stuff.

My Midlife Mayhem By Louisa Simmonds

It is a Tuesday night and a middle-aged couple loll in a semi-vegetative state on the sofa in front of a gripping episode of Downton Abbey. Half-eaten plates of re-heated Thai dinner lie on the floor. The wine bottle is empty.


Marriage and The Art Of Conversation Mature couple sitting on sofa, portrait. By Firstindy at

The dog, more commonly known as ‘The Princess’  to the family, suddenly leaps off her half of the sofa and looks intently at them both.

‘Daddy, I need a wee. Can you take me outside, please?’

‘Do you need a wee, Princess? Daddy’s worked hard at the office today and is a bit tired. Ask Mummy?’

‘But Daddy, Mummy’s worked really hard all day too. Because as well as her day job, she has looked after those teenage parasites you helped create and cleaned up after you too. So she is quite tired as well.’


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