Fat Burning Food- Part 24

Oysters are good stuff. An aphrodiziac too 😛

Legacy Health Solutions



Oysters are the best dietary source of zinc, a mineral that can decrease the appetite. Plus, they are extremely low in terms of calories. Zinc as a mineral has a lot of importance in our metabolic functions. This can be discussed on a later date.

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That’s how I will jog if I ever reach that age. I’ll add a bra though.

In and around Dublin



Them accessories for wimps? 
I think not! 

They are for… well… wimps. 

The sky is blue, there is shag all wind. Shall I say more? 

The what? 7 degrees Celsius? 
Celsius, my arse! What’s a Celsius? Some kind of wimpy garment thingy? 

The sky is blue and there is shag all wind. 

End of conversation.


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Chuck Norris kicks ass IN JEANS*

Hahhaa, as if Chuck Norris can NOT kick ass! 😛


Martial arts in jeans? Two words: Chuck Norris.

From one of the ads:

“These great-looking Western style jeans have a unique hidden gusset which allows greater movement without binding or ripping.”

Gusset. Oh how I wish there were more situations where I could use that word.

UPDATE: My sister just wrote to me and said that she gets to use “gusset” almost daily at her job. Envy.

*Re-posting this one from JoggingJeans.com’s early days because I was just reminded of it with this great sign:


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Benefits of Running

Well put.

Mill Creek Chronicle

Whether for sport or for exercise, running is generally considered to be a love-it-or-hate-it activity. People love to throw around “I hate running” or “Running is so boring.” However, there a few people who absolutely love running and aren’t afraid to express their zeal, and they just may be onto something. Running is not only a great exercise, but there are many added benefits that  are not necessarily visible at first glance.

So running is great exercise, but actually how great is it? Compared to walking, running burns twice as many calories, and offers twice the amount of after-burn calories. After-burn calories are burned after in the hours intense exercise-while you’re just sitting around. This means that by running you can burn more calories in less time. This is perfect for the busy student and overworked mom who only have 30 minutes to get a workout in. In just those…

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Behind the Persian Curtain: An American in Iran: Part 1

Amazingly colorful city!

Marilyn R. Gardner

In January, my husband went to Iran, a place he dreamed of visiting for 30 years. I am delighted to have him guest post for Communicating Across Boundaries these next 3 days. Cliff writes from his short time there and it is interesting, insightful and humorous. Enjoy!


There is an old adage that says if you visit a place for a day you can write a book about it. If you visit a place for two weeks you can write a magazine article about it. If you live in a place for twenty years you can barely write a sentence about it. Well, I just returned from a week-long trip so will have to condense it into a few blog posts.

I had the fortunate opportunity to participate in a 10-person peace delegation with U.S. Academics for Peace to Iran last month. The underlying motto of USAFP is “peacemaking…

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